UG Curriculum

UG Curriculum

Competency Based Under Graduate Curriculum (This Document is under copy right protection)

Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum will be implemented from August 2019, i.e. MBBS batch admitted in first year. Batches admitted and studying currently in MBBS shall continue with existing Curriculum.  


                                                                                   1  UG Curriculum Volume – 1
                                                                                   2 UG Curriculum Volume – II
                                                                                   3 UG Curriculum Volume – III
                                                                                   4 Roll Out Plan of UG Curriculum
                                                                                   5  Attitude, Ethics and Communication (AETCOM)
                                                                                   6 Foundation Course For Undergraduate Medical Education
                                                                                   7  Early Clinical Exposure For Undergraduate Medical Education
                                                                                   8 Guidelines for development of Skills labs at Medical Colleges
                                                                                   9  Competency Based Assessment Module for Undergraduate Medical Education 2019



 Alignment and Integration Module


Circular regarding Curriculum Implementation Support Programs