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Application Form Details

(The Fees revised w.e.f. 01.06.2007)
Various Forms Fees


$ 100 or in equivalent Indian Rupees, if the certificate is asked by a Non-Resident Doctor, or if it is to be sent by fax to Foreign Council.
## Fee as applicable for the relevant certificate
!! Persons Below Poverty Line (BPL) would have to pay only 10% of the prescribed fee provided that a certificate issued by a Government Authority is attached with the complaint/appeal

Mode of payment:

by CROSSED demand draft drawn in favour of Secretary, Medical Council of India, Pocket - 14, Sector - 8,Dwarka Phase -1, New Delhi - 11007

1. Permanent Registration (Indian/Foreign Qualification) Rs. 2,000/-
2. Provisional Registration (Indian/Foreign Qualification) Rs. 1000/-
3. Registration of Addl. Qualification – for each additional Qualification. Rs. 1000/-
4. Issue of IMR (Indian Medical Register) Certificate - for each qualification Rs. 1000/-
5. Duplicate Certificate ##
6. Good Standing Certificate Rs. 2,000/-*
7. Temporary Registration for Foreign Nationals for Undergoing Postgraduate Medical Course in India. Rs. 5,000/-
8. Permission to practice medicine for foreigners u/s 14(1) of IMC Act, 1956. Rs. 5000/-
9. Permission for foreign nationals coming to India for Elective Training. Rs. 5000/-
10. Eligibility Certificate for Admission to Medical Institutes Abroad. Rs. 1000/-
11. Migration Fee Rs. 5000/-
12. Submission of complaint against any doctor(s) Rs. 5000/-!!
13. Submission of appeal against the decision of any State Medical Council/Medical Council of India U/S 8.7 & 8.8 Rs. 10000/-!!
14. For any other type of certificate not covered above Rs. 1000/-