Faculty Development Programmes

Objective: To improve the quality of medical training by training the teachers
  • sensitize teachers about new concepts in teaching and assessment methods
  • develop knowledge and clinical skills required for performing the role of competent and effective teacher, administrator, researcher and mentor
  • assist clinicians to acquire competency in communication and behavioral skills
  • update knowledge using modern information and research methodology tools.
The Medical Council of India, by the MCI Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997, made it mandatory for all medical colleges to establish Medical Education Units (MEUs) or departments in order to enable faculty members to avail modern education technology for teaching. In order to boost this activity, MCI has been conducting Faculty Development Programmes through selected Regional Centres, since July 2009. These Centres are located at institutions which have trained manpower in Medical Education Technologies (MET). These are:

Location of Regional Centres  

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 (a) The eligibility criteria for participation in Advance Course: • 30% of the total faculty strength of each medical institution should undergo the Advance Course in ME within a period of  three years. • The faculty should spread across specialties and cadres.  • The candidates would be recommended by the Dean/Principal of the institution. • The candidate would have at least 3 years teaching experience • The candidate should have undergone training in MCI Basic Course Workshop.

(b) Duration of the Advance Course:  1. One year  2. Two onsite sessions of 5 days and 3 days each  3. Overlap of one day on day 3 between two batches  4. Parallel session for Batch A and Batch B from day 4 onwards


Session 1: Five days
Session 2: Three days


Batch A
5 days onsite
Batch A
6 months online for discussion on 4 educational themes.
Also have some content delivered electronically.
Project work
Batch A
3 days onsite
Present their project
Encourage networking and mentoring partnerships
Batch B
5 days onsite
Batch A and B
6 months online.
Batch A will also act as Observers for at least 2 workshops and provide standardized feedback on planning and execution

(c) TA/DA of the participants from medical colleges/Regional Centres/Nodal Centres to attend the Advance Course in Medical Education conducted by MCI Nodal Centres will be paid by the medical college/Centre concerned. They will be on deputation during the period.

(d) At each contact session of the Nodal Centre, during the overlap day, MCI will depute a National Consultant.(e) Minimal requirements and Criteria for Resource faculty to conduct advanced course • In the beginning phases of conduct of Advance Course, each Nodal Centre should have at least 5 faculty who fit into one of the following criteria:  (i) Degree in medical education  (ii) Diploma in medical education FAIMER ( Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research) Fellowship   (iii) Advanced course in medical education (project based longitudinal course)(f)  Participant registration fees:  Rs 10, 000/ participant/course

This will be paid by the institution of the trainee and will be used for payment of online sessions of Rs.10,000/month and other expenses for conducting the Advance Course.

(g) Criteria for course completion:

• Hundred percent attendance in onsite session 1 and session 2 • Active participation in all online discussions • Completion of educational project • Poster presentation of educational project at the end of 6 months • Satisfactory performance in the assessment criteria Course completion certificate will be issued by the Nodal centre at the end of one year.

(h) Names of the National Consultants are given below:

Dr. Tejinder Singh, CMC, Ludhiana, Dr. Dinesh Badyal, CMC, Ludhiana Dr. P.V. Vijayaraghavan, Sri Ramachandra MC & RI, Chennai Dr. Latha Ravichandran, Sri Ramachandra MC & RI, Chennai Dr. Rashmi Vyas, CMC, Vellore Dr. Minnie Faith, CMC, Vellore Dr. Dhayakani Selvakumar, CMC, Vellore Dr. Sucheta Dandekar, Seth GS Medical College &KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. Henal Shah, Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Avinash Supe, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai Dr. Sunita Vagha, JLN Medical College, Wardha Dr. Alka Rawekar, JLN Medical College, Wardha Dr. Adarshlata Singh, JLN Medical College, Wardha Dr. Himanshu Pandya, Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad Dr. Suman Singh, Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad

 A module for the Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies has been developed with help from a group of eminent experts. This module is being adopted uniformly by all regional Centres and medical colleges to ensure uniformity. A one-day module for an Orientation programme has also been developed for Coordinators of Medical Education Units. Coordinators are required to attend this in addition to the Basic Course Workshop.


The Regional Centres conduct Orientation Programme for Coordinators of Medical Education Units and Basic Course Workshops for junior and midlevel faculty in medical colleges.They mentor medical colleges who have adequate number of trained faculty to conduct Basic Course Workshops.

National Consultants,Conveners and Co-conveners : View Programme Details : View MCI decisions on MET: View Guidelines for Recognition of Health Universities as Regional/Nodal Centres in MET: View